Man wearing full body paint
Kris's Cheshire Cat inspired look BBC

Glow Up - Britain's Next Make-Up Star, Series 4

Season 4 of the BBC TV reality make-up show, Glow Up - Britain's Next Make-Up Star, was broadcast in May 2022, hosted by TV host Maya Jama, with contestants judged by professional make-up artists (MUA) Valerie Garland (L’Oréal Paris Global Makeup Director and British Vogue Contributing Beauty Editor) and Dominic Skinner (Global Senior Artist at Mac Cosmetics). Studio filming takes place at BBC Elstree Centre.

This contestants in this series are:

  • Adam, retail MUA, 21 (he/him) of Pakistani family origin, birth name Asad.
  • Charlie, office worker, 22, (he/she/they). A self-taught MUA suffering from gender dysphoria. They have a young daughter.
  • Kris, retail MUA, 28 (he/him) from Donegal. A gym-goer. Kris works with circus performers at a circus themed club in Soho.
  • Lisa, primary school teacher, 26 (she/her). A self-taught MUA who has only ever applied make-up on herself.
  • Mikaél, loss prevention officer, 23 (he/him) grew up in Ghana and moved to London as a teenager. Has been a make-up artist for less than a year.
  • Nancé, freelance MUA, 29 (she/her). Born in Congo, moved to the UK at 9 and has been a freelance MUA for almost ten years.
  • Rachel, pharmaceutical rep, 24 (she/her).
  • Ryan, student, 20 (he/him) from Bolton. Specialises in avant-garde looks. He is a survivor of the 2017 attack at the Manchester Arena Ariana Grande concert.
  • Sophie, retail MUA, 26 (they/them). "I'm not a weightlifting person, more of a frolic-in-the-forest kind of person!"
  • Yong-Chin, nanny, 25 (she/her). A fashion graduate. 

Episode One

First Challenge: Make-up for a social media campaign for a sport and fitness brand.

Filming Location: Headquarters of Gymshark, Solihill, Birmingham. Pictures.

Guest judge: Ivy Weir-Ikpeme, Gymshark Styling Manager, who graduated from University of Creative Arts in Farnham, and has worked previously with Swarovski and MyTheresa. She is looking for healthy, dewy skin and no heavy foundation as your skin should be able to breathe. Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto consults on whether the looks are skin friendly.

Instructions: 25% of responders to a survey of Gymshark's 17m social media followers said they wear make-up to the gym. The contestants must create a natural make-up look that is durable for a workout, keeps health at its core, stops followers from scrolling on by and gets them looking at the Gymshark campaign. It must include a "fitspiration" feature, with one fierce element, and yet still look achievable.

Time: Two hours. Prize: Winner's look will go live across Gymshark's social media channels. Winner: Lisa.  Red Chairs: Nancé, Ryan.

Woman wearing make-up for Gymshark social media campaign
Gymshark social media campaign, winning look by Lisa

Creative Brief: doing make-up on themselves, "create a look that tells us your hidden strength", with a bold, dramatic look, "pushing creativity to the limits and showcasing your talents"

Time: Two and a half hours (15 mins less for the red chairs).

Ding-Dong: Yong-Chin.  Red Chairs: Charlie and Mikaél.

Yong-Chin inner strength look
Yong-Chin inner strength look
Sophie inner strength look
Sophie inner strength look

Face-Off Elimination: Charlie and Mikaél  Time: 15 minutes

Challenge: Reverse Cat Eye  Instructions: The key to achieving this look is a fierce hand with a confident brush stroke. Using gel liner, apply along the bottom lash line. This is a bold line with one end reaching past the tear duct and the other stretching to an upward flick. The judges are looking for clean lines and symmetry.

Winner: Mikaél   Leaver: Charlie.

Reverse Cat Eye
Mikaél's Reverse Cat Eye

Episode 2

First Challenge: Make-up for a live performance at Cirque du Soleil.

Filming Location: Royal Albert Hall.

Guest judge: Maryse Gosselin, make-up designer and lead MUA with Cirque du Soleil, based in Canada.

Instructions: Each MUA must replicate a look for one character in the cast, following a detailed design guide.

Time: Two hours. Prize: 15 minutes of advice from guest judge Maryse. Winner: Mikaél.  Red Chairs: Ryan, Kris.

Cirque du Soleil performer make-up
First challenge - Cirque du Soleil performer - winner Mikaél

Creative Brief: "high impact bodypainted looks inspired by all things weird and wonderful, to deliver a dramatic over-the-top look"

Time: Three and a half hours (15 mins less for the red chairs).

Ding-Dong: Lisa.  Red Chairs: Adam, Rachel.

Creative challenge - weird and wonderful - Lisa
Creative challenge - weird and wonderful - Lisa
Creative brief - weird and wonderful - Ryan
Creative brief - weird and wonderful - Ryan

Face-Off Elimination: Adam and Rachel   Time: 15 minutes

Challenge: Mermaid lip  Instructions: A mermaid lip that shimmers with an aqua metallic finish. For a mermaid lip start by taking the teal and the pink lip colours and apply them to different areas of the lip. Subtly blend those colours together with a brush where they meet. Press varied glitter colours to the lip until the lip is completely covered. Judges are looking for a symmetrical, well-balanced lip shape and seamless colour blending.

Winner: Rachel.  Leaver: Adam.

Mermaid lip
Mermaid lip