Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star, Series 3

Series 3 of Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star was broadcast in April 2021, hosted by Maya Jama, and judged by professional make-up artists (MUA) Valerie Garland (L’Oréal Paris Global Makeup Director and British Vogue Contributing Beauty Editor) and Dominic Skinner (Global Senior Artist at Mac Cosmetics). The head-to-head "Face Off Elimination" challenges included:

Clumpy Lash

A clumpy lash, otherwise known as "Messcara" (a play on "messy mascara") is a modern make-up technique to try. 

  1. Start by curling the lashes.
  2. Coat the lashes with mascara (two or three coats, root-to-tip).
  3. Take a fan brush and hand pack in with a no-colour powder and really lay that product over the mascara.
Clumpy Lash make-up look
Clumpy Lash make-up look
MUA curling a female model's eyelashes
Curling the eyelashes
MUA applying powder to make the Clumpy Lash look
Applying powder

Jewelled Lip

A jewelled lip is an intricate and exciting look. It is a make-up look consisting of a lip encrusted in jewels. 

  1. Lay down your base lipstick.
  2. Apply adhesive all over the entire lip; do not make the mistake of applying the glue to the crystal.
  3. Wait for the glue to get tacky.
  4. Map out your design by placing the jewels, starting in the middle of the lip to achieve symmetry. Avoid rogue crystals being out of place, as this is what your eye will be drawn to.
Model with a finished Jewelled Lip look
Jewelled Lip make-up look
MUA applying adhesive to a model's lips
Step 2 - Applying adhesive
MUA applying jewels to a model's lip
Step 3 - Applying jewels

Blue Smoky Eye

A Blue Smoky Eye is a classic and timeless make-up look.

  1. Start with a black eye pencil, deep into the waterline and wrap it around the lashes and up into the crease of the eyelid.
  2. Smudge it out into the socket.
  3. Go in with two shades of blue, a darker shade on the outside and inside and a lighter colour in the centre to give it a three dimensional look. Don't use a fluffy brush as these scatter the powder and will make the look too big.
  4. Go back in with the blending brush to soften out all the edges to give that perfect smoky look.
Smoky Blue Eye - Finished Look
Blue Smoky Eye make-up look
MUA applying black eye pencil
Step 1 - Using black eye pencil
MUA smudging the black eyeliner into the socket
Step 2 - Smudging the black eyeliner into the socket
MUA adding blue colour to the eyelid
Step 3 - Add blue colour
MUA softening the edges with a blending brush
Step 4 - Soften the edges

Pop Art Lip

The Pop Art Lip is a cartoon-style, three dimensional lip. 

  1. Start by drawing the outline of the lip in black eyeliner, making sure the outer edge is clean and sharp and the line is not too thick.
  2. Use a liquid lipstick in a bright colour and fill in the lip.
  3. Add comic book effects; use a liquid liner to draw in some curves to give it shape.
  4. Add some white strokes to give the illusion of lip gloss, the white line should go where the light would naturally hit the lip if it was glossy.
Pop Art Lip make-up look
Pop Art Lip make-up look
MUA applying outline of the lip
Step 1 - Draw outline in black eyeliner
MUA filling in the lip with a liquid lipstick in a bright colour
Step 2 - Fill in the lip with a liquid lipstick in a bright colour
MUA applying curves with a liquid lip liner
Step 3 - Add curves with a liquid lip liner

Structured Glitter Eye

A Structured Glitter Eye is a make-up look that forms a powerful adornment to the face with a graphic shape and clean, sharp outlines.

  1. Start to form a solid symmetrical shape by painting on lash glue. Make sure your shape is not covered by the eyelids when the eyes are open.
  2. Use a small eye shadow applicator to pick up glitter and press it on to the eye, making sure to cover every inch of skin within that shape. Avoid really fine glitter as this can go everywhere and be hard to clean up afterwards.
  3. Check both eyes to make sure the glitter is evenly distributed.
  4. Use tape to clean up the edges of the shape and to remove any fallout from the cheeks.
Structured Glitter Eye - final look
Structured Glitter Eye make-up look 
MUA applying lash glue around the eye of a model
Step 1 - Paint on lash glue
MUA applying glitter to the adhesive around the eye
Step 2 - Press glitter on to the adhesive
MUA using tape to clean up edges of the look
Step 4 - Clean up the edges using tape

Full Beat Make-Up

Classic beauty make-up look with eyes, cheeks and lips in one colour but varying shades, tints and hues. This is a beauty look, so avoid a cakey base and clumpy lash. Groom the brows and aim for flawless skin. 

Pink is a good choice for the colour as it is adaptable and can create really nice tones. Red can have more impact, but can also go wrong really quickly.

Full Beat make-up look
Full Beat make-up look - Sophie Baverstock's winning look
Full Beat make-up look in Pink
Full Beat make-up look in pink

Full Face Gradient

The Full Face Gradient is a challenging make-up look, with seamless, even and consistent blending of black and one other colour from the hairline to the jaw.

  1. Start by going in with the lighter colour, painting along the jaw line. Don't start with the black as blending will be much more difficult.
  2. Blend up towards the nose.
  3. Grab a bit of the black and a bit of the colour and mix the two together, painting straight across the nose.
  4. Blending down towards the mouth and up towards the brow.

Black is a very heavy colour and it absorbs all other colours you mix into it, so you want to leave the black till the last minute. The key is to spend most of your time working on that blend.

Full Face Gradient finished look
Full Face Gradient make-up look
MUA applying colour along the jaw line
Step 1 - Paint along the jaw line
MUA applying colour up to the nose
Step 2 - Blend up towards the nose
MUA blending colour with the black
Step 3 - Mix the black and the colour
MUA blending down towards the mouth
Step 4 - Blend down towards the mouth