Hands creating a clay pot on a potter's wheel
Hands creating a clay pot on a potter's wheel

Difference between Generate and Create

The English language verbs Generate and Create have related meanings, but they are different, as I shall explain, using British English examples.

Generate is used to describe the process of producing something that is measured in a continuous quantity. 
"The dam generates electricity throughout the year."
"Would you like to generate more profit for the company?"

"Our school generates many excellent students." While you could count the number of students - they are not really a continuous quantity - there are so many and they are generated over many years, that we treat them as if they are.

Create is used to describe producing a single object or result. 
"We have created the greatest bridge in all the world."
"Can you please create something really special for my mother's birthday?"

Also, think about learning the word recreate which means to create a copy of something.
"I would love to recreate that dress, but in velvet this time."
"Next Olympics we want to recreate that level of success."

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