Ripples on a smooth body of water caused by a stone being dropped in it
The effect of a stone dropped into water is ripples @dreamsoftheoceans

Difference between Effect and Affect

The English language words Effect and Affect sound similar but have different meanings, as I shall explain, using British English examples.

Effect is a noun meaning the change caused by something else. "Cause and effect" is a common phrase describing the fact that actions produce consequences.

"The cancellation of the cricket match was the effect of heavy rain."
"The effect of your actions on the victim was quite severe."
"Do you have any idea what effect not phoning him would have?"

Effect is also a verb meaning to cause something to happen or to make intentional change, often used in legal or political contexts. It is similar to the verbs accomplish, achieve, introduce and carry out.

"The government effected wide-ranging changes to their social policies."
"If you effect those price changes, many people will stop coming."

Affect is a verb meaning to produce a change in something or someone else.

"His tiredness affected his ability to drive safely."
"You can't affect the result unless you put in some effort."

Use the above guidelines to help you choose the right word in your next English language assignment.

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