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British Airways aircraft

Difference between Trip, Travel and Journey

The English language nouns Trip, Travel and Journey have related meanings, but they are all different, as I shall explain, using British English examples. 

Trip means a single act of going from somewhere to somewhere else and (normally) back again.
"My trip to France when I was little gave me a passion for learning languages."
"I can't come to your party, I will be on a trip to Scotland."
"My trip was only 3 days, but I loved every minute."
"Last weekend I took a trip on a hot air balloon. It was fabulous."

Travel is the act of going to different places.
"My big passion is travel. I love exploring different cultures and places."
"Travel is one of my biggest expenses each year."
Note, both of the following are correct.
"I like to travel to Spain every year." This version talks about the fact of them going to Spain to be there and explore there. The speaker might make several trips to Spain each year, or just one, we don't know. 
"I like to make a trip to Spain every year." This version talks about making a single act of travel each year.

A Journey is an instance of going from one place to another. It involves going somewhere and not necessarily coming back. It can be used as a physical movement of someone in the world, but is also used frequently in a figurative sense. 
"My journey to Australia took more than 18 hours."
"I have enjoyed the competition so much over the past eight weeks. I have learned so much. It has been a real journey for me."

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