Compassionate nurse with her patient
Compassionate nurse with her patient

Difference between Passionate and Compassionate

The English language adjectives Passionate and Compassionate have related meanings, but they are different, as I shall explain, using British English examples.

Passionate means to have passion for something. This is not normally romantic, rather a very strong attraction towards something of great interest - a hobby or a religion or a way of living or thinking.
"I am passionate about baking."
"Would you be so passionate about boating if I didn't pay for it all?"
"I will only coach players who are passionate about the game."

Compassionate means that you care deeply about a person or a cause and act to make them feel protected, secure, loved and supported.
"He was extremely compassionate towards his mother in her final days."
"My father was not very compassionate when I lost my job."
"Would you be as compassionate towards the workers if your business was losing money?"

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